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About me

About me

I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia, Stockholm.

After high school I moved to Paris without really knowing what to do. All I knew was that the future were in front of me and that everything was possible.

First I took a few classes in architecture and photography. But one day while sitting at a café on Ile st Louis it suddenly came to my mind that I really wanted to study film and television. I started at ESRA Ecole Superieur de Realisation d´Audiovisuelle in Paris. After three years of school I got a job at the French Music TV Channel MCM.

I loved Paris and enjoyed every single minute there. I spent seven unforgettable years with a lot of friends, exciting work and a bit too much rock n’ roll.

I moved back to Stockholm to continue my career in television. I worked as Managing Director for a few television production companies all around Scandinavia.

Today I am living in Denmark in a small town 16 kilometres north of Copenhagen. I am lucky to have a wonderful and supportive husband, three wonderful children and two very big dogs.

ditROCHE is an idea that has been with me for many years. Like all the ideas I have put in the world, this is close to my heart. It is created from the same belief that I travelled to Paris with: The future was in front of me and everything is possible.